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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Customized Ikea Cabinet

One of the last things I've been searching for is a small table to put next to our glider in Carter's nursery. I was hoping to find an old tool chest but nothing was quite narrow enough to fit in the space.

 I saw this guy in the Ikea catalog in white and was thrilled to find it in red in the store. Perfect color and just the right size.

Of course I couldn't leave it alone so I used my silhouette to add a few vinyl graphics. There are several Carter Chevrolet dealerships, including one in Calgary where I was born so I added that logo to the top and numbered the drawers.

We're hoping that between this and all the license plates around his room, Carter will learn his letters and numbers early on!

Such an easy project and it will be the perfect place to store his books and hold my water while I sit in that chair for countless hours...

We're ready for you any time now Carter! See his entire nursery here.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wooden License Plate Valances

I debated about making traditional curtains for Carter's nursery, but decided rustic valances fit much better with the rest of his room and would allow us to incorporate a few more license plates.

This project was very simple and only required one 8' pine board. Each window is approximately 3' long so Eric built 2 simple wood valances.

We stained them to match the rest of the furniture in the nursery and used screws to attach 3 license plates to each panel.

We hung them above each window using two L brackets.

So simple, but love what they add to the room!

Go here to see the complete nursery tour.