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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Thrifty Find

When I first started reading blogs about 6 months ago I was shocked at the amazing things these bloggers found at thrift stores. Since then, I started frequenting these places for hidden treasures and I've found a lot of amazing things. Sometimes it takes a little hunting, but there is almost always something I see potential in.

Yesterday I stopped in Salvation Army and bought my favorite thrifty find to date. And it didn't even need any spray paint!

How cute is this dog treat jar?!

I probably would have paid the whole $9.99 they were asking, but it was 50% off day so it only cost me $5. As you can imagine, Homie and Cali were thrilled about it!

Here is a close up of the top:

This thing is heavy duty, the top probably weighs 5 lbs by itself. I can't imagine how much it "really" cost.

Doesn't it look great on our counter top?

I love finding great things like this. What have you thrifted lately?


  1. Great find!! Your little pups are so cute all snuggled up together. I love thrifting! It is such a rush when you find something awesome

  2. I need to go thrifting, it is definitely a good stress relief for me. :) This is such a great find! Lucky you!

  3. Awesome find! I love thrifting; being a volunteer I seldom fail to go home without some new treasures from the charity shop!

  4. Awesome find!! It difinitely looks expensive to me!! And your doggies are cute!!
    Thanks for linking up to Show & Share!

  5. Your blog inspired me to go thrift store shopping. I attempted it last weekend and failed miserably. I was overwhelmed by the chaos and every vision and creativity I had went right out the door! Any suggestions?

  6. Hi Danielle, I sent you an email response but figured it was good to post it here as well. The more blogs I read, the more I can see potential in everything.... which is turning out to be a very dangerous thing! To start, I would suggest going with a few projects in mind and looking for one or two items in particular. If you're in the mood to hunt, dig through everything. When you're not, just scan the shelves and see if anything jumps out at you! It defintely requires patiences and can quickly turn in to quite the addiction!

  7. Love your mixer.. how did you get the words on it?

  8. Thanks! I made the mixer vinyl as one of my first projects when I got my silhouette by typing out baking words and formating them with different fonts. I've seen a few similar projects around blogland, but House of Smiths ( has some great ones for sale for only $12!