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Friday, December 9, 2011

Krylon Glitter Blast Transformation

This year I decided to change up our Christmas decor a little bit. In the past we've had an assortment of bright colors, but this year I went through all 15 storage tubs and decided to stick with red, green, and silver.

I put away a lot of our gold decorations, but there were a few things I still wanted out. I had been itching to use the silver Krylon Glitter Blast I picked up awhile ago and this was just the project.

We've had this Pier One gold present box for a few years so I decided to give it a glitter blast makeover.

I wasn't sure how it would take since there were so many thin metal pieces and it already had glitter chunks so I gave it a base coat of silver paint. After seeing how well the glitter blast coated, I probably shouldn't have bothered!

After a few thing coats I was amazed at the transformation!

It looks great on our fireplace. You would never even know it didn't come that way!

I'm trying hard not to Glitter Blast everything!

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  1. I love it...don't you hate having to wait so someone can unlock the paint...LOL! I'm a new follower. Stop by and visit and follow too if you like. Warm wishes