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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Kitchen Shelving Reveal

I posted here about building new kitchen shelves and they are finally ready to show you! Here is what the original shelves looked like after we painted them to match:

As you can see there is a big gap at the top and also on the right side. These shelves required several pieces of trim molding to make them flush with the top and the wall so my husband decided it would be better to just build new shelves from scratch that fit the space perfectly.

So while we built and painted our kitchen looked like this:

We used solid pine so each set of shelves cost about $20.

We used chaulking to fill in all the joints so it looks seamless once it's painted.

Gave them a few light coats of primer.

And several coats of paint.

And they were ready to hang up!

I decorated with items we had up before when there were three shelves on each side. Now that there are only two and each is a bit taller I will keep my eye out for some new pieces and keep playing with them until they are just right.

Next up: a new kitchen faucet! I just have to talk Eric into that one...


  1. Nice job! Was looking on your site for creative ideas to cover up a fuse box in the corner of our basement. Any ideas?

  2. Did you go through a lot material to make them custom?

    1. We purchased three pine boards to make the set. Probably $45 in materials?