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Friday, February 3, 2012

Progress... Home Improvement Goal #2!

The first month of 2012 has flown by and I'm still lacking the energy and motivation to tackle our list of projects! There are a few things holding us up, but that only means there should be a flood of new projects in the next month or two! Thankfully my husband has been working away on making new kitchen shelves (Home Improvement Goal #2!)

If you remember, here is our kitchen before the paint makeover!

It's not very easy to see in this picture but on the edges of the upper cabinets we have 3 shallow shelves. Since we raised the upper cabinets to accomodate our new refrigerator, we also had to cut down the shelves by a few inches.

Here is a better shot of what they looked like once they were cut to size and painted white. If you notice, there is a small gap above the shelving that was originally covered by several pieces of molding. We painted those white as well, but it just didn't look quite right when we put it all back together.

So instead we started back at square one. 

Eric measured and measured, and then cut pine boards to make custom shelves that fit the space perfectly and wouldn't need extra molding. It has been a somewhat tedious process since not every wall is perfectly straight and every piece has to be cut and fit and possibly cut again, but they are built!

We decided to go with a two shelf design instead of the original 3 so we could use them for more than short knick knacks! They will still be a challenge to decorate, but I'll show you what I come up with once we get them primed, painted, and hung!

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