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Monday, January 9, 2012

Custom Cases - Kindle Sleeve

My sister bought herself a Kindle for Christmas but couldn't decide which kind of cover to get. I told her I'd make her a few so she could switch it out depending on what she felt like.

I started with a simple pocket case. For this one I just used some thick purple felt, silver elastic, and a fun coordinating button.

Homie watched over the extra felt while I cut off what I needed.

For this case I only needed two pieces: the pocket and an extra strip to reinforce the elastic hook. I measured the Kindle and cut the felt 2 inches wider and 2x the length + 1 inch longer so I wouldn't need a seam at the bottom. Still with me?

Then I reinforced a loop of the silver elastic on the extra strip and sewed it to the top of the large piece.

Then all you have to do is fold the large piece in half, sew up each side, and add a button!

Works like a charm!

I also made her this much fancier case. I'll post this tutorial in a few days!


  1. I love love this idea! my sister and i got my mom a kindle for christmas...i would really love to see your tutorial so i can make her one! i am new to your blog (like found it this morning and have been browsing for an hour new) and i am so excited to try some of your ideas! you are very creative! keep up the good work! i will be checking back often :) thanks for the inspiration!!

  2. I love homie in all of your pics! :) This is a great idea to make case!!

  3. i agree, i would love to see the tutorial since i got the same kindle for my bday!! :)

  4. so cute!! I need to make myself an iPad cover...

    thanks for linking to "20 Below Thursday"! :)

  5. Hi, friend! I'm admiring all your creativity here. Can you please share your posts at my Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop? Hope to see you there at the party :)