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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Picking Paint Colors

We are procrastinating preparing to install the crown molding (Home Improvement Goal #1!), but have one small project holding us up. Remember this room?

I've decided to change it up a little bit and give it a coat of gray paint and maybe install some board and batten. I'm looking for a "true" gray, not too light and not too dark since the room isn't huge. I've narrowed it down to a few choices but have yet to slap some paint on the wall.

I figure there is no point in installing the new crown molding and then having to cut in the gray paint so I'm hoping to get at least the top part of the walls painted so we can cover up the edge with the crown molding.
 Hopefully we will be able to make some progress this weekend.

Does anyone have a favorite gray they'd like to recommend? I'm not set on Behr paint, I just liked the tone of those samples but I'd love to hear about a favorite color that's worked for you!


  1. I'm liking the cathedral gray its pretty

  2. Lauren!! OUr master bedroom is gray with white crown moulding! it looks AMAZING!! we got the paint at home depot, i think we have extra since well, i changed my monda bout a bajillion times lol!! call me if you want to meet up i can give you some to try. its so very calming...we get so many compliments on it. i can text you a pic if youd like :)

  3. I actually painted my living room the Gentle Rain by Behr. I really like it, but it came lighter than I thought it would. The other shade of gray I thought of using was Chinchilla by Martha Stewart. Also, I think if you ask, they will use Behr paint with the Martha Steward color.

  4. Cathedral looks good. Heh, it is quite cool when you think about it. Cathedral Gray does remind you of the color of cathedrals, while Gentle Rain has a shade that's quite like a fog. The names for the paint are very fitting, don't you think?