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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Finishing Up the Craft Room (For Now....)

Hope everyone enjoyed the nice long weekend. In between all the festivities I managed to wrap up a few things around here.

Although I love the character and detail of my craft room furniture, the little desk is just that, too LITTLE, to actually spread everything out and work on. So I usually end up with things on the floor or spread throughout the house. A few weeks ago our neighbor was having a garage sale and getting rid of this nice big desk:

I wasn't crazy about the overall style, but I figured for $10 I could use the extra workspace and figure something out. My least favorite part was the top:

But luckily it came off easily and left me with the great base pieces. They just needed a little paint and fancy new knobs:

They were a good start to a bigger workspace:

All I needed was a new top, so last weekend we took a family trip to Home Depot.

To buy a new piece of MDF which I finally managed to paint white last week.

Eric drilled a few holes that would fit the existing dowels and hold the top on securely:

And now I have a nice big workspace! 

We've moved all the rest of the furniture back in, but I still have a bit of organizing to do, I'll have a complete tour for you soon!

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  1. Oh my word!! Your dogs in the shopping cart are too cute!! Your craft room looks awesome too!