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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bedding and Bedding Storage

Our house is filled with neutral colors so I knew I wanted to keep our master bedroom along the same lines. I decorated the room around our beautiful chocolate brown duvet cover that we received as a wedding present.

It took me several months to find just the right material to make pillow shams. I wanted to stick with neutral colors, but incorporate a few accent colors. I finally found this canvas material at JoAnn’s:

I backed the shams with a basic tan canvas. I liked the weight of the canvas because it gives the shams more stability and shape when they are on the bed.

But the bed looked too plain with just bed pillows and shams so I thought I’d knock off these accent pillows I had seen in Ballard Designs.

I bought two 20” x 20” pillow inserts from JoAnn’s and used two tan pillow cases I already had. Since the pillow cases were the right size already I just had to cut off the bottom and finish the seams with a zipper. If you don’t know how to sew you could just finish the open edge with iron on seam tape!

I used my Silhouette machine to cut out “Mr.” and “Mrs.” but this could easily be done by printing out the letters and cutting them out. I outlined the lettering on to my pillow case and filled it in with brown acrylic paint.


 Here is how the bed looks all put together!

Realistically, the bed almost NEVER looks like this. We have two dogs who love to cuddle so we need easily washable bedding. We keep the *fancy* stuff put away for when we have people over. = )

A few months ago I found this great storage chest. It was plain and boring, but nothing a little paint couldn't fix.

I primed it and painted it the same green as these lamps:

And finished it off with a little bit of glaze to give the paint depth and texture.

Now it is the perfect place to tuck away our duvet and pillows when they aren't on the bed!

And it fits perfectly next to the closet.

Next on my list..........a beautiful padded headboard and a gallery wall above the chest. What else do you think the room is missing?


  1. Lauren you are simply AMAZING! and when you get done at your place.... I have an ENTIRE house that needs TLC and your expertise!! Love reading your blog, keep your creativity coming lady :)

  2. that trunk is adorable! i love the little drawers at the bottom, too!

  3. BEAUTY!! I'd LOVE to have a "bedding chest" like this!

    Deborah (happily visiting from

    Hope you drop by!