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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dorm Life!

Just a few more weeks until my sister is off to college so I've been working on a few more projects for her.

Bulletin Board

She mentioned the other day that she wanted a bulletin board to hang above her desk. I had this in my stash (Salvation Army $1.99) and new it could be repurposed for just that!

I took it all apart and threw away the original insert.

Gave it a good coat of primer and paint:

I didn't want this to be any old bulletin board so while I waited for it to dry, I used purple acrylic paint to color two strips of elastic.

And used the original back piece to trace and cut out a piece of cork that was left over from this project.

Added some glue, and put some books on top so it would dry nice and flat.

After the elastic dried, I layed it over the back side of the frame and taped the pieces in place so they wouldn't move.

I chose this fabric (also out of my stash) that I've had forever and been dying to do something with!


Again using the backing (now covered in cork) I cut the fabric with enough excess to fold over the back.

I placed it in the frame and screwed the cork board in using the original holes. I had to make sure I was keeping the fabric nice and tight the whole time so there wouldn't be any wrinkles.

And here it is all done! Much better than it originally looked!! 
See the little MK? Those are her initials I cut out using my SIlhouette. I cut her a few pages worth so she can label all her stuff! And the hook under the tag will be a great place to hang her keys.

Magnetic Chalkboard Welcome Sign

I've also been working on transforming these cute frames! I thought they would make perfect magnetic chalkboards to hang on the outside of their door so their friends can leave them notes, etc.

I bought a piece of sheet metal at Home Depot that was the perfect size, all I needed to do was cut it in half using my husband's tin snips.

Then I primed it (with red primer because that is what I had on hand):

And gave it a few good coats of chalkboard paint:

Here is what the looked like after the chalkboard paint had dried and I glued the pieces inside the frame:

But they were still missing a little something... so I used my trusty Silhouette to personalize them a bit.

Much better! The one on the right is for my sister (who will be living in a triple dorm room!) and the one on the left is for her good friend. Now they just need a few coordinating magnets, I better get to work...

I also used my Silhouette to spice up a few more things.
For her laundry:

And her lamp, just a little reminder why she's there!

I'm sure I'll think of a few more things she needs before she goes!!

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