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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Indoor Laundry!

Our house is over 60 years old. While we wouldn't trade the character and detail for a newer house, we do live without modern features like a laundry room or coat closet! I guess back then, people just didn't have as much junk stuff as we accumulate now.

Until recently our washer and dryer were housed in the garage. This didn't bother me too much, but my husband couldn't wait to move them into the house (you know, since he does so much laundry *wink*)...

So we ordered the stacking kit from Sears and spent a Saturday moving the water hooks, etc. Now they sit perfectly in the corner of the craft/dog/laundry room!

Even though it's just laundry, I didn't want to huge stack of detergent, oxy clean, and dryer sheets on the top so I came up with this guy:

The perfect solution to all those laundry necessities! I found the basket at Goodwill for $1.99. It just happened to be the perfect size to hold a box of dryer sheets and it has handles on each side so it's easy for me to get down.

I used two canning jars (also from Goodwill $0.49 each) to hold Tide and Oxy Clean. I tied a little ribbon on the teaspoon so I could easily grab it from the top of the dryer.

I glued the insert into the lid so they wouldn't come apart each time I did laundry and sprayed them with some silver paint. Since the detergent and the oxy look so much alike, I used my favorite silhouette machine to cut out an "O" and "T" so I could tell them apart.

And of course, I cut out a few decals of our dogs to decorate a bit!

Anything to make housework a little more fun!

I'm linking up to A Glimpse Inside and Thrifty and Fabuless!

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