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Monday, August 8, 2011

Organizing with Ikea!

I recently discovered these great baskets at Ikea:

I know they have been around for quite some time and are made to go in various carts and closet systems that Ikea sells, but for $2.50 each they have much more potential than that!

I came home with a few to try out around our house and went back a few days later for many more!

They fit perfectly in our linen closet to hold sheets, towels, etc. and it’s so nice to be able to pull them out and get to the items way at the back.

I also have them in both my and my husband’s closet. I use them to store all my swimsuits and cover ups, flip flops, and flat shoes. Again, just pull them out and it’s easy to find anything!

A few months ago I found a matching oversized basket in the “as is” section. I’m assuming this size goes with something specific and isn’t sold individually since I haven’t seen them out on the floor, but it fits nicely under our bed and holds all some of my purses!
Since my sister is going away to college soon, we stocked up on these baskets to organize all her stuff and tuck it under her dorm room bed. Since hers won’t be as easily visible I figured it was a good idea to label each one so she could find what she was looking for.

We organized her baskets into extra bedding, laundry/cleaning supplies, extra toiletries, hair things, etc.

I found these plastic badge holders (10 for $1 at the Dollar Store!) that are perfect for the labels. I cut out some fun scrapbook paper and tied them on each basket with curling ribbon. The badge holders make the tags nice and durable so they’ll last forever.

I love the labels so much I’m going to get to work on some for my house! And you certainly can’t beat the price? $2.50 per basket and $0.10 per tag is an easy way to stay organized!

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