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Friday, August 5, 2011

Cubicle Decorating…

As much as I wish I could spend every day at home painting, sewing, and crafting, unfortunately I have to spend 40 hours a week here:

So I figured I might as well “craft” a few things to make the scenery a little more enjoyable.

A while back I painted a bunch of picture frames white, but I needed some more color. It all started with this guy who I found in Tahoe a few weekends ago for $0.50. In his past life, he held a small potted plant.

Originally I was going to use him for the same purpose, but then I thought he would be perfect on my desk to hold all my pens, pencils, and scissors. A little bit of primer and paint later and he looks like this:

Next to him is the simplest idea for a white board. All it takes is a picture frame (which I painted white) and a piece of scrapbook paper. I hung it up in my cubicle and it’s a great place to write down notes or my “to do” list. And the whiteboard marker wipes right off the glass!

I also had this little 3 drawer box I found at Salvation Army a few months ago. It was “fill a huge bag for $20 day” so I probably paid like $0.50 for this too. This is all that fit in the bag (you can see the little box at the top with roses painted on the drawers):

I originally painted it white, green, and pink and hated it, so I was happy to simplify it with new paint. Now it holds push pins and paper clips!

The mail organizer next to it was also a goodwill find ($3.99) that just needed a fresh coat of white paint.
Lastly (for now) I spruced up my run-of-the-mill wooden inbox. I forgot to take a before picture since I was so excited to paint it, but now it looks like this:

And it sits right under my view of Capitol Avenue!

What do you do to make your work environment more enjoyable?


  1. Fabulous idea and now I feel inspired :) I'm going to work on mine next week, I've just decided LOL

  2. Glad to see my old cube is being taken care of! I'll have to post pictures of my cube...My theme color is purple!


  3. You did an excellent job making your cubicle bright and cheery!