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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Thrifty Tuesday: New Lamps!

Awhile back you may remember I posted about making over our bedroom. It's still a work in progress (isn't everything?!) but I did come across some great lamps yesterday at Goodwill!

Previously, I had painted a few wooden lamps to use on our nightstands.

I wasn't really on the hunt for new ones, but these were so much better (and only $4.00 a piece!) so they came home with me.

They are super heavy, already the perfect color, and will be so much easier to turn on and off with the little pulls. I kept the old lamp shades for now, but may replace those too if I find the right ones!

What thrifty purchase have you made lately?


  1. Love those lamps! I stumbled upon an antique store when I was in Michigan visiting family over the weekend and got some great vintage lace that I'll be using for some wedding scrapbook projects - only $2 for three different rolls of lace! I love thrifting! :)

  2. Love these lamps..check out my latest post to see my thrifty finds for the week.

  3. I love lamps. They are one of my favorite things to redo!

    I love how the fabric in the lampshade looks with the lamps. But they are super cool lamps anyway! Found you on The Idea Room. I've enjoyed looking around :o) Great stuff here! I'll be back :o)

  4. Awesome find! I looked at lamps for our bedroom at Hobby Lobby last week and about choked! And that was with 1/2 off! Will have to follow your lead and go to Goodwill!